What is a cashmeet / cash meet ?

A cash meet is when a sub (submissive) meets up with his or her Findom, financial dominatrix, money mistress, Princess, queen, goddess or CASH MASTER IN PERSON to give him or her CASH – or any form of tangible payment.

Narrated by FindomCeo.com

Hence the name cash meet. ( it doesn’t always have to be cash. I’ve seen a Findom accept a $17,000 check with a contract of course 😉)

The Findom and Sub will meet up at a public place in broad day light like an 💰 ATM so that the sub and tribute / pay / give her money in person. For the sub it is the ULTIMATE rush of excitement 💦 to have his Dom standing there while he nervously punches in his pin into the ATM to give her money that she deserves .

A cash meet should be reserved for legitimate subs that have also provided verification of their identity. I would also only do cash meet for at least $500. Anything less than that would not be worth the time since uber LUX / a private driver is $24 – $100. You’re an amateur if you were seriously going to drive your OWN car to a cash meet. Make him pay for your time in FULL. You shouldn’t be using your OWN resources for anything. 💅

Cash meet our popular with male subs and female doms.

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